Target Aware Visual Object Tracking

TAVOT (Target Aware Visual Object Tracking) is a visual object tracker that improves accuracy while significantly decreasing false alarm rate.


Overall tracking performance of IDPF-RP is reported on 37 videos of the VOT2016 benchmarking data set. IDPR-RP highly improves the localization accuracy of tracking particularly under size, illumination appearance and motion change, because of the superior localization capability of deep detector. It also provides the highest success rate and outperforms the top trackers of benchmarking.

See our paper for more details on the algorithm.

Gymnastics3 TAVOT (red), Mask R-CNN (green), GT (black).

Handball2 TAVOT (red), Mask R-CNN (green), GT (black).

Basketball TAVOT (red), Mask R-CNN (green), GT (black).

The playlist to our videos showing results can be found here.